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Taxi Services Commission

On Monday 1 July 2013, the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) was established as the new regulator of the taxi and hire car industries as part of the Taxi Industry Inquiry initiated by the Victorian Government.

The Government has appointed Graeme Samuel (chair), Merran Kelsall and Douglas Shirrefs as commissioners of the TSC.

The TSC is tasked with regulating the industry and implementing the government endorsed reform recommendations. The reforms will create a more flexible and responsive industry that delivers a better deal for customers.

It will take time to introduce these important reforms that will benefit both the industry and the community. For more information see taxi reforms.

The implementation of the reforms will involve a great deal of consultation with stakeholders over the next 12 months. Our primary tool for communicating with industry participants is the eNews. If you haven't already, please subscribe. If you would like to view previous editions, see taxi eNews and hire car eNews.

Industries regulated

TSC is the regulator of Victorian taxis and hire vehicles. It also issues Driving Instructor Authorities. For more information see:

Main functions

The key functions of the TSC include:

  • Taxi and hire vehicle licensing
  • Issuing taxi and hire vehicle driver accreditations
  • Issuing taxi industry accreditations
  • Issuing driving instructor authorities
  • Administering the Multi Purpose Taxi Program and country wheelchair accessible taxi subsidy scheme
  • Developing policy and reviewing regulations
  • Monitoring the industries it regulates to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Liaising and consulting with these industries and with consumers
  • Providing business and information technology support to the industries it regulates
  • Implementation of the government supported reforms from the Taxi Industry Inquiry's final report.

The Victorian Government does not deliver the services provided by its regulated industries or employ the people who work within them.

Acts, regulations and other legislative instruments

The Taxi Services Commission regulates the industry in accordance with various acts, regulations and other legislative instruments including:

  • Road Safety Act 1986
  • Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983
  • Transport Integration Act 2010
  • Transport (Passenger Vehicles) Regulations 2005
  • Transport (Taxi-cab Licences - Market and Trading) Regulations 2005
  • Transport (Taxi-cab Industry Accreditation) Regulations 2007
  • Transport (Taxi-cabs) Regulations 2005
  • Taxi-cab Industry Accreditation Business & Service Standards

To view the documents, visit Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents.

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