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Driver accreditation training

To become a taxi driver in the Melbourne Metropolitan Taxi Zone, applicants must pass specified units from Certificate II in Driving Operations.

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Requirements to enrol for training

Before you enrol you must:

  • Have a full and current Victorian Driver's Licence.
  • Pass numeracy and literacy tests with Registered Training Organisation of your choice.

Training details

The Driver Accreditation Training provides the skills and knowledge taxi drivers need to provide a quality, friendly service. Assessment is competency based.

Unit CodeUnit Name
TLIC2009ADrive Taxicab
TLIB2090AUse Communication Systems in a Taxicab
TLIF2072AComply with Safety and Security Procedures
TLIH3004AIdentify Major Roads, Services and Attractions
TLII2019AProvide Taxicab Customer Service
TLIL2060AComplete Induction to the Transport Industry
TLIP2037ACarry out Financial Transactions and Maintain Records

* The Knowledge of Melbourne test is in addition to the Identify Major Roads, Services and Attractions training unit of the Certificate II in Driving Operations.

Once the student achieves the required level of competency for each module, the registered training organisation will provide the student with a certificate of competency and a record of their knowledge of Melbourne score that is to be provided to the Taxi Services Commission as part of their application.

Registered training organisations

Driver accreditation training must be completed with a Registered Training Organisation.

For more information on providers see Registered Training Organisations

Driver training for wheelchair accessible taxis

To drive a wheelchair accessible taxi, drivers must pass the unit 'Provide Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services to People with Disabilities - TLIC4009A'. This requirement is state wide and drivers must not drive a wheelchair accessible taxi-cab until a 'W' endorsement is added to their driver accreditation by the Taxi Services Commission. For more information about training providers, see Registered Training Organisations.

Other courses

To ensure that applicants are competent and have the ability to provide a quality service, we may require applicants to undertake additional courses of training.

The requirement to complete additional training will depend on individual circumstances.

These courses include:

We will advise applicants which of the above courses, if any, they will be required to undertake.


The Australian Transport Council (made up of government transport representatives from each state and territory) endorsed a new National Taxi Driver Training Framework (the Framework) to be implemented across the country from July 2010. The aim of the framework was to increase the licensing authorities and the public's confidence in driver skills by ensuring that applicants for metropolitan taxi and hire car driver accreditation meet the same standards across Australia.

The framework is largely based on the previous Victorian training 21848VIC Course in Taxi Driving and 21847VIC Course in Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services.

The framework and course units specified under the framework were implemented in Victoria in December 2010. In addition applicants were required to pass a 'Knowledge of Melbourne' test and either an English language assessment or literacy and numeracy test.